Sees all portfolio gaps and explains how to fix it
Provides a simple set of performance indicators for fast and
efficient investment decisions.


KRONOS is a virtual portfolio manager and financial education platform that helps everybody to identify his investor's avatar, evaluate current portfolio performance and predict future results.

Created by TSI Analytics - the team of experts in the fields of analysis and programming, who have teamed up to create next generation financial products.

1. Track
Track how your portfolios perform. From all your exchanges & wallets. Analyze
2. Analyze
Get the evaluation of your trading strategy from our AI-based expert.
3. Improve
See all your portfolio blind spots. Get automated personalized improvement advice.
4. Stay on Top
Be up to date with market trends. Choose coins for your portfolio based on our expert & robo-analysis.
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Our Team forms the core of the company, which consists of a team of
analysts (in the areas of stock, commodities, currency and cryptocurrency
markets), traders (positional and scalpers), developers of automated trading
systems and web developers.

Artem Harlamov
Co-founder & Co-CEO, Chairman of the Board

Developed state of the art methods for forecasting complex economic crypto systems. In previous project generated over $2m in sales with marketing & sales budget less than $50k, reaching breakeven point in 6 months and project payback in 16 months.

Alex Butenko
Co-founder, President & Co-CEO

PhD in Economics, established continuous improvement system and personally led re-engineering projects in the areas of customer service, logistics and IT in the largest Eastern- European bank "Sberbank".

Alexey Kashurin
Co-founder and Member of the Board

Professor, PhD in Engineering. Author of over 200 publications and 26 patents. He was teaching at the Technical University of Munich and afterward established himself as a successful Ukrainian businessman in different fields, including international finance. He is an expert advisor for both business and government organizations regarding the implementation of complex projects and investments.

Serge Lavrinchuck

Developed and automated processes for more than 20 businesses. Experienced with software architecture and sophisticated database design. He created his first multimodule Content Management System at the age of 17.

Oleg Sergeev
Chief Analyst
Nick Nikolaiev
Chief Product Officer
Alex Stanilevych
Senior Analyst
Oleh Kyslashko
Lead Developer
Dmitriy Harlamov
Marketing Director